A Virtual Flower Show

Entry Form

Thank you for your interest in participating in SGC’s virtual flower show (VATV). To submit your entry please fill in all items below, confirming it's YOUR name and email.

You must submit one form for each photo or video entry. However, if you have up to three photos that are meant to be viewed as a series, you may add all three under one form/title. You are welcome to enter all disciplines as many times as you like.

• Photography: Submit photograph(s) on any subject; please share any information about your technique and/or subject.
• Floral Design: Submit photo(s) of a floral design/bouquet you have recently created; if following a specific design concept, please let us know in the comment section.
• Horticulture: Submit photo(s) of a single specimen, planter combination, landscaping feature, favorite plant; identify plant material and other pertinent information.
• Conservation: Submit photo(s) representative of conservation and our environment.

No judging will be involved - just all of us sharing and exchanging our visions of our surroundings during this difficult time on subjects we all love.

Important: If you do not see your real name and email in the form below, please update fields with the correct information or we will not know who you are!

Enter Description in box above, noting dropdown menu from above, may cover up description.
Please select purple submit button below and wait for 'Thank you' - Note may take about 45 seconds.

Note, the thumbnail preview does not show the whole image and it make take as long as 45 seconds to process the submission and receive the "Thank you" screen.
Thank you and see you on June 4th for the show.
Please contact KimBishop1@aol.com, text or call 206-930-5564 with any questions, etc.

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